Beauty hacks: Commuter make-up

You know the drill: it’s 7am, your alarm goes off, and you hit snooze. And again. And again. Until suddenly its 8am and you’re not even remotely close to being presentable for the working day. It’s fine, because that’s what commutes are for. So you chuck your hair up in a messy bun and off you go, clutching your make-up bag at the ready to start applying foundation on the Tube. 

There has been a lot of debate as to the etiquette behind applying make-up on public transport. Some people find it hugely irritating during their morning commute, others are entirely indifferent to the issue. Personally, I’m impressed by anyone who can apply eyeliner on a jolting, packed Victoria Line without taking their eye out. Here’s how you can master your routine on the go with minimal fuss.

1. Keep it simple

Your work make-up look is most likely a much lower key affair than what you wear out on the weekends, but this applies even more if you’re doing it on the go. I don’t fancy attempting a fancy winged eyeliner on the number 23 bus for fear of a smudge across half my face, so keeping your look basic is a good rule to follow.

2. Get steady

I saw a girl curling her eyelashes on the Tube one morning this week, and I thought, how brave of her. Because one unfavourable jolt or one wayward elbow of the guy reading the Metro next to her and she will be down one eyeball. Not ideal. Be aware of what’s happening so that you don’t lose an eye. And perhaps leave the eyelash curler at home to minimise hassle.

3. Know your neighbour

The other thing you need to be aware of is everyone else around you. I know some people say that nobody cares what anyone else is doing on the Tube, but that’s a lie. If someone elbows you as they rummage for their Mac lipstick, chances are you’re not going to be happy about it. So keep aware of everyone around you.

Now what?