Beacon, the start-up that delivers private jets like Uber, has closed its doors

The typical associations with start-ups tend to be that of small offices with young, under-paid go-getters trying to shift a small but scalable product. What you don’t think of is a tech company that go above and beyond to change the aviation game; that’s what Beacon tried to do and have now, unfortunately, failed.
TechCrunch, one founder said of the pre-sale system: “Beacon launched in September and I believed we had sold enough to cover our expenses but learned that we had not because three-fourths of our sales were to people who didn’t want to start flying until a future date. Most of them wanted to wait until the summer to start flying”

The website is still live if you want to poke around the company that could have changed the commercial flight game. The reality of the situation is that the high overhead costs make it neigh impossible to break into the aviation game, especially as a startup.

That is unless you’re dealing with big money. Wheels Up is a private aviation start-up that sells basically the same product as Beacon but for a much steeper price. It charges customers an initial $17 grand to join and roughly $4,000 an hour for flights all over the US with barely an hours notice!