How to avoid the unfair hidden charges when travelling abroad for business

Travelling abroad is an expensive endeavour, regardless of whether your company is compensating you for all of your expenditures (side note: don’t take advantage of this, it never works out in the end). I’d be surprised if anyone who has travelled for work never lost a penny out of pocket. A lot of this unnecessary spending comes from the sneaky hidden charges that you’re subject to the moment you step off that plane.

Little charges here and there aren’t that big of a deal we suppose but if you’re on a tight budget, which a lot of people are nowadays, these hidden charges stack up and before you know it, you’re on the streets with no signal, no map and trying to hitchhike your way back to the airport to call your mum.

As always, we have just the infographic for you to solve all of your problems. Created by Exporta Global, this long digital pamphlet walks you through a litany of hidden charges you’re guaranteed to accumulate across your travels. Little things that you might not have thought of like ‘Resort Fees’, buying bottled water and being gouged for a clapped-out rental car can all be avoided.

For example, on average the typical customer checking-in on a budget airline like RyanAir is subject to a rough £45 on-the-spot fee for any additional charges they fancy that day. If you book online you can see exactly where they might try to gouge you later.

This one isn’t so much a hidden charge as it is an annoyance that could be avoided with tactical packing. Liquids at the airport can cost you up to £50 if you have to throw away anything above 100ml. The rules are always changing in airports so do yourself a favour and look them up beforehand. It could save you money and hassle.

For more information on how to avoid hidden costs while travelling, check out the infographic below.

hidden charges

Image credit: Exporta Global