Sleep SOS: 4 ways to avoid falling asleep at work

It’s the classic trope of ‘overworked/lazy employee’ but sometimes can’t be avoided. To some degree or another, it’d be fair to say that everyone will fall asleep at work at some point in their career. We shouldn’t judge. No-one wants to fall asleep at their desk – it just happens.

Hopefully, if it happens to you, nobody notices and you get away with a 20 minute power-nap without even leaving your desk. Unfortunately, this did not happen to Reddit user, TheOrangeDuke.

“One of the associates noticed me sleeping”, he told the Huffington Post, “and it just went downhill from there”. What ensued was a battle of the memes as this unsuspecting employee turned into the internet’s target for a day. Check out the unfortunate photo below.


Image credit: Reddit – TheOrangeDuke

Here’s how you can avoid making the same mistake:

1. Walk-out

You can’t fall asleep if you’re moving, right?! Taking some time to move around and go outside will allow your body the natural daylight it needs. As light passes through the retina, the production of melatonin will decrease and the sagging feeling of fatigue should lessen.

2. Ginseng

By this point in your career, your caffeine immunity is pretty steep. For that ingestible boost try a tablet of ginseng. This natural stimulant is taken as a cure-all tonic in China and Korea. It’s said to stimulate the nervous system and strengthen your immune system. If that doesn’t keep you awake then maybe the anxiety from just swallowing a mystery pill recommended by a website might.

3. Get botanical 

Every office could use more plants, they’re natures provider. In an experiment at Washington State University, two groups of students were asked to complete computer tests in windowless rooms, one group with desk plants the others without. Reaction time 12% faster with lower fatigue levels in those that were allowed plants.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

4. Music is the answer

As taught by late 90s drag performer, Celeda, music is the answer. Pumping your ear-holes with some raucous noises or motivational tunes can boost energy levels, albeit distracting.