6 cool film industry jobs you need to know about

You’ve seen the rolling credits at the end of a film. Ever wondered what some of the unusual sounding jobs actually are?

The UK government has announced plans to give the British film industry some generous tax breaks. This basically means more opportunity to expand. So if you’re interested in film, now is the time to get into the industry. If you can’t act,  there are a host of jobs you could consider. Media Match gives us the low-down.

1. A craft servicer

No, this is not the person who brings around the tea and doughnuts. A craft servicer helps the crafts – the camera people, sound engineers, electricians, grips and so on. This job involves talking to lots of people on set and helping out with general problems.

2. Grips

A regular grip is a member of the camera crew who makes and maintains the equipment needed to support the camera. They are also responsible for setting up equipment and moving it from set to set. A Dolly Grip specialises in moving camera dollies, which are the supporting platforms with wheels. The Key Grip is the head of the grips.

3. Concept Artist

This is a very creative job. The Concept Artist is in charge of developing a computer 3D model that allows the set and production designers to envisage what the scene will look like. The model incorporates surface textures, different lighting and even shows how the costumes will look. This is an important role as it minimises to need for lots of reshooting.

4. A Gaffer

The name doesn’t suggest it, but a gaffer is a big deal on a film set. A Gaffer is the head of the electrical department of a film’s production.

5. Foley Artist

A Foley Artist creates post-production sound effects. They are experts at creating fake sounds, for example punching noises, because fight scenes are (shocker) not real. Eliminating excess noise on set is also one of their tasks.

6. A wrangler

From animals wranglers to child wranglers, there are many different types. Child wranglers look after any child actors on the set. Keeping them entertained but also quiet is one of their main jobs. Animal wranglers could be looking after horses on a ranch, cows on a farm or even wolves, lions or dogs – any animal that is being featured in the film.

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Image Credit: visual.ly

Image Credit: visual.ly

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