5 signs that it’s time to quit your job (like One Direction)

One Direction are parting ways. Cue heaps of devastated fans on every continent, and Twitter going into meltdown. Yet the boys are said to be happy about the split, as it will leave room for them to pursue other things, solo.

Doesn’t moving on to greener pastures sound great? Here’s are five signs that it’s time to follow suit and quit your job too.

1. You’re bored

Your job is meant to stimulate you, teach you new things and push you to do well. If you are feeling bored and uninterested then you need to find a new career that will challenge you. Don’t settle.

2. You have the Monday blues all week long

Work is never going to be fun all day long, but if you dread going into the office then things need to change. Feeling that Monday morning lack of enthusiasm for going into the office every single day? Now is the time to seriously think about quitting and moving on.

3. You don’t feel valued

You deserve to feel wanted and valued at work. A feeling of not being noticed or appreciated usually happens if you are working for a very large corporation. If this is the case maybe you would thrive more in a smaller company where you can get more face time with your boss. If you feel undervalued you won’t work at your peak, so move to a new workplace where you will be encouraged to do your best and be thanked for it.

4. You procrastinate all day long

When you were at school did you always used to put your homework off because you really didn’t want to do it? It’s the same with your job. If you find yourself constantly procrastinating, it’s a sign that you are not in the right place. You should enjoy what you do and feel energised by it. Find a career that you love, not one you have to put up with.

5. Your gut is telling you it’s not the job for you

It may sound rather strange but you should listen to what your gut tells you. If the thought of going into work gives you a queasy feeling in your stomach this is a sign that your job is making you stressed and anxious. This is a bad sign and you should be prepared to leave your job and find one that makes you feel calmer and happier.

Now what?