How to secure a perfect job reference like Karlie Kloss

When supermodel Karlie Kloss needed a reference for her university application who did she ask? Another supermodel, of course. Karlie has revealed that she asked the Christy Turlington to write her N.Y.U recommendation.

We don’t all have mind-blowingly successful, world-famous friends to call upon for application-related favours, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t engineer your own perfect recommendation or reference. Here are four tips to secure you that job with the help of another.

Karlie Kloss walking in the Diane Von Furstenberg show in New York (Image Credit: Rex Features)

Karlie Kloss walking in the Diane Von Furstenberg show in New York (Image Credit: Rex Features)

1. Ask early

It’s unlikely that Karlie rang up Chrissy the night before her reference was due. Make sure you give your referee at least a month to put something together. Don’t rush them as it is likely that, if they are worth asking, they are very busy people with many things on their to-do lists before helping you out.

2. Keep things private

Once you have chosen who you would like to be your referee, a trusted teacher or perhaps a senior businessperson you have done work experience with, make sure that you keep things private. Never ask to read your reference before it is sent.

3. Help out

Be professional give your referee an addressed and stamped envelope for where the reference needs to be sent to. This will speed up the process, and is a good way for you to help out the person who is taking their time to assist your career.

4. Follow up

Don’t forget to check that your references have been sent off. It’s up to you to get them organised. The jobs you are applying for won’t like any excuses you may have as to why your references are late. Don’t worry though, most referees know how urgent they can be.