As Gigi Hadid gets a model promotion, here are 4 ways to get yours

Becoming a Victoria’s Secret angel is the dream job for any model. Well, anyone really. But we can’t all be six foot tall AND a size 6. For Gigi, this promotion, or career step up, became a reality.

Do you feel that you deserve your own promotion? Here are four top tips for getting up the career ladder. Fast.

1. Get yourself noticed

This may seem obvious but it really is the best starting point on your journey to that promotion. Just doing your job isn’t enough, you need to push yourself and do really well to get noticed.

2. Help others

If you can do your job really well AND help others then your boss will notice. Volunteer if someone asks for help. Taking on extra responsibilities shows that you can handle a tougher job (AKA that promotion).

3. Speak up

Tell your boss or your manager that you want to progress in the company. Make sure that they know that you want a promotion and are keen to work hard for it. Don’t demand anything, just discuss your ambitions.

4. If there is space to move up, move sideways

If there is no position you could be promoted to that’s above your current role, then consider moving across to a different area of the company. You can build up experience and get some new skills. Then if a more senior job comes along then you will be even more qualified and versatile than you were before.

Now what?