Are you the next Spotify? Big investors are targeting tech start-ups in Europe

It looks like now might be the best time ever to get your promising tech start-up off the ground. According to a The New York Times report, investors are once again looking to Europe for fledgling technology-based businesses.

They are hoping to repeat the success of Swedish music-streaming service Spotify, and find the transatlantic equivalents of American tech giants Facebook and Airbnb. For British start-ups, 2015 could be an exciting year.

“Silicon Valley was once the only place to build a start-up. Now, anyone in the world has the chance to create a global business,” said Stéphanie Hospital, a former executive of Orange, the French telecom company, to The New York Times.

Why tech? With more industries like automative and energy embracing new tech trends, it’s an area with potential. “Technology has become integral to how we live,” said Klaus Hommels, a venture capitalist who invested in Spotify and Candy Crush, to The New York Times.

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