Are you living in the UK’s most entrepreneurial city?

There’s a common misconception circulating the UK that London is the only place to be starting your business right now. It’s the heart of all the commerce going in and out of any start-up or entrepreneurial venture at this very moment. But this is straight up myth.

It turns out that the UK’s largest regional cities, “are nearly twice more likely than London to have produced an entrepreneur over the past 24 months”, according to research from Companies House data and Instant Offices.

As you can see from the infographic below, the UK’s start-up landscape over the last two years and proved that there’s been an entrepreneurial shift in location and size. Since 2014, over 2,000,000 businesses have started in the UK, making it the fastest growing entreprenial culture in the whole of Europe.

Cast your eyes over the infographic below and see how the UK’s major cities stack up when you compare their populations to the number of new companies that have sprouted over the last two years – where does the entrepreneurial spirit grow from? (It’s Liverpool)

Instant Offices - entrepeneurial

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