Are you experiencing depression in the workplace?

Everyone feels down from time to time, but what do you do when this feeling goes on for a while? Roughly 5% of people suffer from depression each year; which can range from a short period of feeling low through to a level which requires professional assistance.

If you believe that you may be experiencing depression, there are a few signs you can look out for. These include an unshakeable low mood, lack of energy & motivation, or inability to concentrate on anything for a reasonable amount of time.

So what can you do if you are experiencing depression in the workplace?

1. Confide in someone.

Sometimes it is good to open up to someone you trust- this can be a friend in work or a confidant outside of the workplace. Take your time to explain how you are feeling and help them understand. Quite often you can feel uplifted after you have got some concerns off your chest.

2. Continue the norm.

Depression often results in withdrawal from the everyday. However, it can be important to try and keep busy. When you are particularly down, get yourself out the office at lunchtime for some fresh air, arrange to meet a friend, or do an activity that you usually enjoy.

3. Change your thought process.

Depression can be a spiral: an event, which triggers a mood, which causes another event, which triggers another mood… For example, you are not invited to an important meeting, so you feel undervalued or insignificant and withdraw a little, so you are missed out of the next meeting and so on. Try and change this into a positive thought process- you were missed off the list this time but how can you get involved next time?

4. Shake the stigma.

A lot of people are scared to speak up about depression due to embarrassment. It is important to know that there is nothing to feel ashamed of and it can happen to anyone of any background. Indeed some famous faces who have spoken out on their experience with depression include: Cara Delevingne, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Brand.

5. Time to move on.

If you believe you job is the cause of your low moods, perhaps it is time for pastures new. However, before making this decision ask yourself what it is that you feel most negative about in your employment – is it the tasks you perform or the job situation as a whole? In answering this you should be able to determine whether it is your job or your career that you need to change.

6. Visit your GP.

If you have been feeling down for a while, it might be worth visiting your local GP. Depression is one of the most common illnesses that doctors treat and so they can offer a range of helpful advice and services for you.

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