14 questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re an introverted extrovert (it’s a thing)

Introverts have loads of qualities that make them better at their jobs. But extroverted personalities on the whole make up most of the senior positions. Not sure which personality category you fit into? You could be an introverted extrovert…yes, it’s a thing!

Ask yourself these 14 questions and find out if it sounds like you.

1. You’re quiet but you’re not shy

2. You like hanging out one-on-one rather than in large groups

3. You’re rubbish at responding to texts because sometimes you just find people really annoying

4. You like to mentally prepare yourself for meeting your friend’s friends because you don’t like surprising meetings

5. You do get lonely sometimes, despite needing your alone time quite often

6. Your friends find it difficult to get you out, but when you are you have a great time

7. After lots of talking you need some quiet time to recharge

8. You can step in if one of your friends is feeling shy or socially awkward, but you’re never one to choose to be the centre of attention

9. You’re not a big planner

10. Coffee shops and busy places are your favourite. Anywhere with a bustle that you can feel closed off from when you sit there on your own. You LOVE to people watch.

11. You struggle a lot to control your introverted side

12. You don’t like small talk

13. You’re picky about who you spend your time with. If you aren’t keen on someone you won’t bother making an effort to see them.

14. You have a handful of best friends rather than a large group.

Now what?