A world-tour of practiced office etiquette

Office etiquette is the pulley system that holds society above a raging molten inferno of destruction. This sounds dramatic but give me a chance to explain why I think the protocols of the average working office keep us all from biting each other’s faces off.

We spend an average of eight to ten hours of our days in the office. During these hours we are susceptible to all kinds of mood swings: ranging from exuberant pride to rage. By the time you get home, you literally don’t have the energy to do anything but your favourite things.

Now imagine if there was no office etiquette. If there was no convention that said I couldn’t throw a chair throw the window because my computer crashed. Absolute anarchy, I believe. Likewise, the whole office would be experiencing PDA epidemic if we ditched the office romance judgement protocols.

These conventions are here for a reason and they’re what are keeping both working life and our social lives from imploding in on themselves like a black hole fuelled by misplaced emotion.

So this is a good time to introduce this informative and colourful infographic from Viking that will teach you everything you need to know and more about international office etiquette.

If you’re thinking about doing a workers world tour hitting up office spaces in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China, The US and Russia – then, oh boy, have we got the visual aid for you!

Did you know, for example, that in Saudi Arabia it is considered very rude to ask anyone about their family life? Their culture is one where the private and business are kept separate. Personally, I could really get on board with this because, since we’re talking about being rude here, I have never once cared about your or anyone’s kids, Denise, sorry.


Image credit: Visually