A guide to all the EDM genres you need to know about

More than just the big name DJs on the Ultra main stage, the term EDM covers a whole range of electronic dance music artists and genres. Do you know your dubstep from your house?

EDM has been around for decades but it’s encompassing a wider section of music than ever before. Want an explanation? You’ve reached the right place.

Here is a roundup of the most popular EDM styles out there, and the big artists you need to know about.

1. House

House is probably the most popular genre of EDM and it includes big artists such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, deadmau5 and Daft Punk. House is three decades old and it began in Chicago, America, as an alternative to disco music. Of course David Guetta is one of the biggest artists in the world right now, so this genre is definitely not going anywhere.

What are the subgenres of house?

  • Deep House
  • Electro House
  • Progressive House
  • Tech House
  • Tribal House

2. Techno
3. Trance
4. Dubstep

This covers your artists such as Skream, Benga and Skrillex. London-born Dubstep is a new genre, only starting in the late 1990s.

What are the subgenres of dubstep?

  • Brostep
  • Luvstep
  • Thugstep

5. Drum & Bass
6. Garage
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