900,000 UK retail jobs could be lost by 2025 so here’s our solution!

It wouldn’t be a Monday morning without some sort of doomsday-esque headline to greet the working world. This week, it turns out, that one of the UK’s largest employers – the retail sector – could suffer a loss of up to 900,000 retail jobs in the next 10 years.

As the BBC reports, a British Retail Consortium report says that the rising costs of living combined with the levy brought on by apprenticeships will double the speed of job cuts and the inevitable downfall of modern society – a bleak outlook, don’t you think?

The retail sector currently employs three million people across 270,000 shops in the UK, 74,000 of which are estimated to close in the next decade – nearly a third of all those closures will be happening in Wales and the north of England.

So what now? We bury our heads in the sand and wait for unemployment to run us down like a freight train? Absolutely not.

Everyone knows at least one person currently working in retail jobs. Maybe you work in retail. It’s simply unacceptable that we are just going to sit around for the next 10 years and wait for the market to collapse, it’s time for retail workers to take action.

Here are three things you can do to ensure some security in your retail jobs.

1. No train, no gain

The great thing about working for big retail companies is that they offer courses and resources to improve yourself as an employee. With a storm just around the corner, it’s in your best interest to make full use of these schemes and try and climb the ladder ASAP.

2. Work your way out of a rut

A lot of young people end up in retail jobs post-graduation. However, some will work they same position for years because they’re scared to leave the rut they’ve created. The way things are going, it looks as if they’re going to be yanked out of their rat-den. Prepare for the future now by starting your own company and follow your dreams.

3. Strategise your retail employment

If you are, like many, committed to the cause of retail. Don’t give up so easily. Strategise your employment by jumping companies, getting a strong CV and working in the right location. Do everything in your power to lower your risk of getting the sack in 2025.