5 super chilled artists who’ll help you chill out after work

Its 7pm, you’ve just got back from a rough day at the office and you’re looking to crash on that sofa.

You’re head’s still whirring from all the work you’ll have to catch up on tomorrow, the pressure of not knowing whether you’re living up to expectations and the pain in the neck that is the co-worker you had an argument with at lunchtime. Basically you need to chill, and you need something to chill out to.

Here are five artists with soothing voices and lyrics that will help empty your mind of all worries. Hopefully.

1. Van Morrison
2. Emeli Sande
3. Jose Gonzalez

Most people don’t know who this Swedish artist is, but you’ll have probably heard ‘Heartbeats’ at some point in your life, and most likely imagined yourself playing the tune on a guitar at the same time. With a generally slow, melodic singing style, he’s well-placed to bring your own heartbeat down a few notches. Just make sure you don’t accidentally listen to the original version
4. Norah Jones
5. Katie Melua
Now what?