7 ways to deal with a really terrible day at work

Maybe you received some bad news, or had to deal with irate customers. Maybe something’s going on in your personal life or you embarrassed yourself in front of the entire office.

Rather than let it fester, the best thing to do is to turn your day around with some simple tricks. Here are seven ways to get through one of those days.

1. Be accountable

If you messed up at work in any way, the best way to deal with it is to admit your mistakes and do your best to fix them. This doesn’t mean making a scene or confessing everything you’ve done wrong to the first stranger you see in the corridor, but calmly taking responsibility will show that you’re mature and trustworthy – and it will make you feel better.

2. Do something nice…for someone else

While it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself a bit to brighten up your day, doing something nice for others will make you feel much better than any cigarette or chocolate cupcake ever could. It can be something as simple as doling out compliments or offering to go on a tea run.

3. Get organised

In the same way that cleaning your room can settle an uneasy mind, neatening up your desk will have the same effect. Clear out your inbox, organise all the papers on your desk and decorate a bit if you can.

4. Get some exercise

Don’t get trapped at your desk, ruminating about whatever went wrong. Take a walk on your lunch break, get some fresh air or hit the gym for an instant mood booster.

5. Distract yourself

This is where cute videos of cats on Youtube come in quite handy. Spend a few minutes taking a silly quiz or reading a funny article that has nothing to do with work.

6. Write it down

Sometimes the easiest way to get the feelings out is to write it down. We recommend you use a journal or even your Notes app on your smartphone, but for the love of god DO NOT post on a non-private social media account or write anything incriminating from your work email.

7. Be grateful

Put things into perspective and remind yourself that things could have always been worse. Think about all the things you’ve done well and about everything you have. The day will be over before you know it, and tomorrow has to be better, right?