7 really cool apps that will help pass the time on your commute

A study has shown that the number of people commuting more than two hours a day has risen by a huge 72% over the last decade. According to the Trade Union Congress (TUC), more than three million employees in the UK now have these long commutes.

If you’re one of those people then don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the apps that will keep you productive during that two-hour bus or tube ride. You can thank us later.

Download a few (or all, why not?) of these great apps, and you’ll be at work before you know it. There’s some freebies in there too.

1. Citymapper

An obvious but essential companion for long bus journeys. Don’t be caught out dozing and miss your stop, Citymapper allows you to set notifications for when you’re supposed to get off, as well as live-tracking your journey’s progress, so you’ll always know where you are, even if the bus driver doesn’t…

Free on Android and at the App Store

2. Things

So it’s taking you years to get anywhere in a monstrous traffic jam.Use the time to organise your life with Things – the high-powered to-do list app – and avoid having to work when you get home. Alternatively, get your head round the upcoming day on the morning commute.

Available for £7.99 on the App store

3. Watchup

Can’t be bothered to watch the news every day? Download this personalised newscast app and get a tailor-made programme delivered straight to your mobile. A great way to soak up time while travelling to and from work. Plus you can seem in the know during topical conversations with colleagues…

Available free from the App Store and on Android

4. Songza

Kick back and relax to your favourite music with Songza, the app that lets you choose from a selection of playlists based on different factors – e.g your mood or the time of day. It’s free too.

Available free from the App Store

5. Grub

Remember Snake? Everyone’s favourite 2D game to play on their Nokia 3210 has been reimagined for the smartphone generation. Now fully realised in glorious 3D colour, Grub lets you control a worm-like character in a perennial search for food.

Available from the App Store

6. Paperama

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Then wack a copy of this origami-based puzzle game onto your phone. Warning: not for those lacking patience…

Available free from the App Store and on Android

7. Headspace

Find a little slice of inner peace in the most unlikely of places with Headspace, the app that simply allows you to meditate on the go. Relieve stress and improve your ability to focus in ten minute sessions while you journey. Just don’t make any weird humming noises or you might get clobbered by an angry commuter.

Available for free from the App Store and Android