7 times people taught themselves career skills on YouTube

Despite much evidence to the contrary, Youtube isn’t just for cute cat videos. There’s actually a ton of free education out there if you’re looking in the right places.

Youtube tutorials are an amazing way to learn essential career skills or develop any interests you might otherwise be unable to spend money on. For example, this 7-year-old boy spent a year teaching himself the bagpipes so he could play them along with his father, according to Upworthy.

We bet that more successful people than you realise learnt their skills with a little help from the school of Youtube.

Here are seven other inspiring and successful self-taught people who started out with Youtube lessons.

1. Simon Wood, 2015 MasterChef UK winner 

It’s been well-documented that Simon never took a cooking class in his life! He told the Daily Mail that he learnt his culinary skills by watching Youtube and then testing out recipes on his family.

2. Florence Kennedy, florist and entrepreneur

Florence started her small flower business, Petalon, without having any previous experience in floristry. She told List for Life that she taught herself with the help of Professor Youtube, and eventually developed her own style.

3. Eliot Higgins, arms trafficking expert

When Eliot found himself unemployed, he began watching a lot of leaked videos from Syria. Soon he started putting the pieces together about arms trafficking in the region, and documented his finds on his blog under the alias Brown Moses. Without ever having been in a war zone, he’s become such an expert on Syrian weapons that reporters, politicians and human rights activists consider his blog to be a go-to resource.

4. Marie Sophie Lockhart, clothes designer for Drake

After learning to embroider on Youtube, Marie embroidered a tattoo of Drake and posted it on Instagram. He saw it, reposted it and was so impressed that he asked if she would do some work for him. Now she works with celebs and luxury brands. A fairytale made in Youtube heaven.

5. Julius Yego, 2015 javelin world champion

This man just won his title at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing this past week – without ever having a coach. He learned to throw a javelin by watching Youtube videos, and now he’s the champion of the world. Wow.

6. Moise Verneau, filmmaker

The Brooklyn-based writer, director, editor and actor created the hit web series “Money & Violence” about the forgotten parts of New York City. Entirely self-taught by Youtube, his series was featured in the Tribeca Film Festival and he has received six-figure offers to produce a second series.

7. Eliza Landgren, yogi

Eliza has decided to take time off from her law degree to start a business selling stretching guides after she became a self-taught yoga star. The Aussie started learning yoga to ease chronic back pain, but photos of her poses on Instagram gained such a large following that she’s now changed career paths.

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