7 things to consider when you want to quit your job

The New Year is here and you’ve had enough of your job. You dreaded coming back and you really want to quit your job. But you’re not sure whether it’s the right decision.

It’s important to be realistic and to ask yourself the right questions before you take the plunge. Here’s 7 things to consider before you quit that will help you to make the right decision.

1. Do you see a future there?

If you can’t see yourself in your boss’s role in the future, then this isn’t the job for you now. You need find a company that inspires you to consider your future prospects, and not just where you stand currently.

2. Do you feel unchallenged?

If you spend most afternoons scrolling through Twitter because you’ve finished your work, then it’s probably because the work isn’t challenging you enough.You should feel satisfied that you’re learning from your work and not just coasting every day.

3. Do you dread Mondays?

Sunday evening fear sets in and you really don’t want the weekend to be over. This is something most of us can relate to, but if you find yourself spending most of Sunday dreading Monday, then perhaps it’s time to question whether or not this is because you really hate your job.

4. What is your work environment like?

You may want to quit because you feel that your work environment is toxic. If your co-workers gossip constantly or the management style isn’t conducive to a happy office, then it will make you tense and you’ll dread each day. If it’s something that can be fixed, such as workplace bullying, take it to your manager and see what can be done before quitting. It is important to feel you fit in with the work culture and that it makes you thrive.

5. Can you afford it?

Quitting without another job secured might leave you with a bit of free time and less financial stability. Be realistic about your financial situation, and whether now is the right time to quit without having something else in place.

6. Are you ready?

Perhaps you want to take some risks, and you feel like you need to take that leap. Get ready for the job hunt and the long process of figuring out exactly what you want to do. This can be a liberating feeling, but it can also be scary.

7. How will it look to future employers?

Think about your CV and how it will look having a job on there that you weren’t in for very long. Future employers might wonder why you left so quickly, and question your commitment. Whilst this shouldn’t necessarily stop you from quitting if you really want to, you need to remember that a job takes a year to settle into properly, so you should give it a chance.

Now what?