7 tech skills worth learning to justify a pay-rise

Welcome to the future, where qualifications don’t matter and you can be made redundant by the time you’re 25. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a melodramatic but it’s no secret that the job market has a greater inertia than ever before and it’s vital that you keep up with the tech world.

A great way of doing this is to learn a new skill like coding for example. With these 7 tech skills you can reignite your career current, move jobs and even warrant a massive pay bump as reported by Business Insider. Apologies in advance for the complicated IT terminology, we’ll keep it simple.

1. DevOps

A big movement in young tech companies is this new trend that goes by the name of DevOps. In short, it’s the process of developing software and figuring out how it can be deployed by the ops team. The idea is that companies should be able to deploy their product as quickly as they can finish it.

2. MapReduce

This is the programming framework we all wished was intuitive to us. It’s used to analyse raw data and pulling coherent meaning from it. Think of it as The Data Whisperer, but not nearly as cool.

3. The Cloud

The omnipresent data storage system that looms over society like an invisible Skynet. Except it’s used to store holiday photos, not exterminate the human race. Working on cloud operating systems for commercial use can rack up a decent £100,000 salary for you.

4. Platform as a service

Bascially the design and deploying of programmes but built entirely within the Cloud. Apparently it’s a lot harder and therefore warrants an extra £10,000 than just Cloud designing.

5. Cassandra

It sounds like the name of an Aunty, but Cassandra is actually to go-to database for handling and storing mass amounts of data. Understanding how it works could land you a job at the world’s top companies like Netflix or Apple.


The future of data storage lies within HANA’s code. A part of a new wave of holding information called in-memory databases, HANA runs in a computer’s memory rather than on storage disks and can crunch huge amounts of data in a flash.

7. OpenStack

Maybe the best place to start learning this perplexing tech. OpenStack is a free and open source Cloud-OS. Many companies have built their own version but OpenStack is valued for it’s accessibility.