7 jobs where your office is a personal paradise (and how much you get paid)

Even really fancy offices are still offices. There is no building with desks, phones and kitchenettes that can compare to a job working in a personal paradise. Maybe there are people out there who’s idea of heaven is a uniform bull-pen but I don’t know any, and I’m sure you don’t either.

However, there are jobs out there, far out there, where the place of work doubles as a personal paradise. Sometimes a personal haven will be working in the vast majesty of nature or it might working a common job surrounded by what you love. I looked into the latter and unfortunately for me there are no applications for ‘Puppy Bouncy Castle Manager’ open right now.

For the more realistic dreamers out there, here are seven jobs where the office is also a personal paradise.

1. Park Ranger (£25,000)

A great way to keep fit, clean up the planet and enjoy the beauty of your own partially-owned natural reserve. Your daily responsibilities will be plentiful but hopefully you’ll have access to a golf cart or something like that.

2. Ski Instructor (£22,000) 

If you’ve got a knack for shredding powder and enough patience to deal with middle-class families falling down the sides of mountains, there might be a future as a ski instructor for you. The pay isn’t great but the views are priceless.

3. Real Estate photographer (£65,000)

Two rungs above fast food photographer and one above fashion, if your idea of paradise is fancy cribs, this might be for you. A handsome pay for capturing the essence of homes, real estate photographers make a fair whack.

4. Waterskiing instructor (£22,000)

Similar to snow skiing, patience must be your greatest virtue. The novelty of watching people fall into the sea will wear off eventually so hopefully there’s something more profound drawing you into this role.


Image credit: Instagram – @piathornett

5. Oceanographer (£56,000)

Still working at sea, this is a bit more technical of a role. Formal training will be required but it’s worth the effort to be able to explore the depths.

6. Landscaper (£17,000)

The most accessible way to make a living by working outside. If you have an attention for detail and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, landscaping is a great way to start a career or make some good money on the side.

7. Architect (£71,000)

This pay bracket is massive but £70K is the average salary of someone qualified to be an architect. To push the boundaries of human engineering surrounded by the brightest minds in the world sounds like a paradise to many.