7 easy ways to become more organised

Whether it’s the world’s messiest wardrobe or a inbox that has gotten way out of hand, we all have our problem areas when it comes to being organised. 

Luckily, whatever presents itself as a problem in your life, at work or at home, there is always a solution. Or in this case, 6 solutions. Here’s where to start in your road to becoming a more organised person.

1. Ease yourself in

Start small by tackling either one room or one section of your desk at a time. That way your clean-out will appear manageable rather than overwhelming. Even if you really break it down and tackle one drawer at a time, you can spend a good hour working on this area and be thorough in your organisation.

2. Be brutal

This is a tough one, but there is only a very small place for sentimentality when it comes to getting organised. Limit yourself in what you’ll keep and be realistic.

When it comes to your wardrobe, if you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you will probably never wear it again – it has to go.

The same rule applies to documents that aren’t crucial. Be disciplined in the clean-out.

3. Prioritise

When it comes to organising, start in the area that is most pressing or that causes you the most trouble. For some this might be their old bills and bank statements, for others it might be organising the files on their computer. Either way, be smart with the process and go into it with a plan.

4. Go digital

Ditch paper and get online. This may sound like you’re putting all your eggs in one digital basket, but let’s face it, you don’t really need print-outs of everything. All that results in is more unwanted clutter.

Take everything you can digital, so that you can create different folders for your documents that you can periodically clean-out without any need for a shredder. You can pull up files in an instant and not have to rifle through an overflowing ring binder.

5. Master your inbox

Letting your email inbox get out of hand can result in a lot of wasted time at a later date, so keeping it under control is key.

6. Get app happy

One thing we all know is that for anything in life, there will most likely be an app that has it covered, and when it comes to organisation, there is a multitude of apps that you can have to hand. There are apps to keep on top of your finances, your shopping lists, even your wardrobe.

A good calendar will keep all your appointments in one place, whether it’s a visit to the dentist, your bill-paying days, a haircut or meetings.

7. List

Get smart with your to-do lists. Rather than chucking everything on one list, keep work and home life separate, so that you can focus on them individually.

Another way of focusing your list is to tackle it by week or month and have a system where items on the list are carried over (to a certain point).

Alternatively, base your list on your energy levels and mood, so that you can tackle more difficult tasks with your full energy, and accomplish smaller tasks on a day when you feel less productive.

Now what?