7 day guide to getting a new job (thank us in a week!)

When you’re unemployed and all the days of the week seem to blend into one, it can be hard to stay motivated and create yourself any kind of structure.

If that’s the case, we may have found the reason you’re still on the job market. But don’t worry, all you need is a bit of old-fashioned determination (and some help from us) and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Check out our seven day guide to getting a new job and thank us later when you’re flying high at the company Christmas party.

1. Monday: Homework time

If you want an employer to respect you and read your CV properly (all the way to the end) then they expect you to research the company properly before you apply or attend an interview.

So the first day of the week is research day. Know the role you’re applying to, the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and even their most recent successes and failures. In short, know them inside out, as if you’d been working at the company for the last five years of your life.

2. Tuesday: Apply yourself (and your CV)

Spend the second day of the week working on your resume and applying to all the jobs you want.

If you work a solid nine to five like a normal office job, the applications that normally take a whole evening can be bashed out in half the time.

The strict daily routine will also help you to be in tip top condition come the morning of any interview. You’ll have been used to thriving at 11am instead of reverting to uni timing and be all the more employable for it.

3. Wednesday: Net-work it

Use Wednesday to reacquaint yourself with the working world of networking. You can spruce up your LinkedIn profile, email a few former colleagues at the prospective companies you’ve applied and even ask them for advice on getting hired.

If you’re really feeling confident, even give the head or the respective manager a call to ask a few questions about the role. It’ll show them you’re organised and keen on the job.

4. Thursday: Practice makes perfect

Day number four is the one you use to make yourself the best damn interviewee there’s ever been. Practice with a partner (fellow un-employee if possible) or a friend or family member.

You can type up your opening spiel and learn it off by heart, with different variations for each situation.

There are plenty of exercises and situational tests you can do to gear up for a big interview session, but the most important thing to realise is that in almost every case, the most prepared candidate always gets the job.

5. Friday: Clean up your (online) act

Ah Friday, the last day of the week, how we have missed you, surely no work today?

Wrong. Just because there’s no deadline hungry boss breathing down your neck, it does not mean Friday now belongs to the weekend. Instead, spend it doing something a little lighter, something more social…

That’s right clean up your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so that prospective employers can see you’re not a total moron (and they will definitely check, we promise).

6. Saturday: Take the day off

You’ve earned it, we hope…

7. Sunday: She shoots, she scores!

No, not that type of goal, keep your eyes on the prize girl. Use the last day of the week (if you’re not already preparing for the first day of your new job) to set goals for the coming seven day marathon.

Target seven jobs you’re going to apply for, or 40 new followers or connections you’re going to make. It’s important to have objectives for each day or you’ll simply become demotivated and elongate your period of (fun)employment.

Now what?