6 ways to stop yourself procrastinating (just until Christmas!)

We’re all guilty of having a ‘quick scroll’ on social media or asking everyone if they’d like a cup of tea, just so we don’t have to get on with our work.

And while it’s good and necessary to take breaks, procrastinating is a whole different story, and here’s exactly how to stop clicking on websites and click into your productivity.

1. Find out how you procrastinate

We all procrastinate in different ways – some of us scour the internet, some of us watch TV, others snack. By honing in on what kind of procrastinator you are, you can identify how you put off working, and make a conscious decision to avoid doing those activities.

2. Set yourself scheduled goals

Setting yourself something to work towards means you’ll feel accomplished when you reach that end goal and that you’ll work harder to get it down in time. Whether this be a certain number of words you write, emails that you respond back to, or setting a slot of time away to do some research.

3. Reward yourself for reaching your goals

Combining the first 2 tips, knowing how you procrastinate can be a good way to reward yourself when you hit your goals. Not only will you feel like you’ve achieved something when you hit the deadlines you’ve set, but by adding the incentive of giving yourself an episode of your favourite show to watch or 15 minutes double-tapping away at your favourite celebs on Instagram, you’ll be eager to get your work done more than ever.

4. Keep your phone away

It’s all too easy to think you’ll have a quick look on your Facebook or check if you’ve got any messages, before realising you’re 2 days deep into your friend’s Twitter feed and 20 minutes have gone since you’ve done any work. Put your phone on silent, or go one better than vibrate and put it on sleep mode and place it face down or in your office drawer to keep distractions at bay.

5. Block social media

If banning your phone just means that you end up checking on all your social media accounts on your computer, there are add-ons and sites such as StarFocused or Cold Turkey that can block sites such as Facebook for a set amount of time so you can’t get distracted by your friend’s post of her latest brunch shot.

6. Break time

It’s important to still set aside time to have a break. Instead of using your break to check your phone or do the things that you’ve set yourself as a reward, physically step away from your laptop screen or work area. This can bring in a breath of fresh air for your mind and take it one better and head outside for 5 minutes for an actual breath of fresh air.

Now what?