5 ways to stay productive when working from home

Working from home can be brilliant – no commute, no need to dress up (or get dressed at all) and no office politics to deal with. But no line manager watching over you means more temptation to procrastinate and reach for the TV remote. 

Here are 6 ways to stay on target and keep productive while working from home.

1. Pretend you’re going to work

As excruciating as it might turn out to be, set an alarm for your normal working time. Allow yourself to be a bit more liberal with the snooze setting but do your best to be up and moving like it was any other day. Eat your breakfast, watch the news and then take the time you’d spend commuting to get yourself organised for the day ahead of you.


We know what you’re thinking and no, track bottoms will not benefit your productivity, no matter how comfy they are. Working from home is all about cultivating the right mindset so if you wear the clothes you’d normally put on to go into the office years of conditioning will kick in and your mind will lock itself into ‘work mode’.

3. Stay away from the bed

The recurring theme you may have spotted when speaking about working from home is temptation. And maybe the biggest of all is to work from bed. This is just a wholly terrible idea. The plush support of your slumber-pit will just bring about lethargy and a reminder of how tired you are. Clear a desk space somewhere bright and quiet somewhere in your house/flat.

4. Take breaks

Without the company of your colleagues, it’s easy to go a bit stir crazy when working in solitary, but voluntary, confinement. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, bring your laptop to a coffee shop and work from there. Take advantage of the freedom working from home allows you and give your mind the break it deserves.

5. Eat at your normal office times

Just because there’s a stocked fridge only mere steps away from your ‘desk’, it doesn’t justify having an all-day buffet session. Take your normal lunch hour at the appropriate time and eat around the same amount of food. You’ll find that overdoing your lunch will slow you down for the rest of the day and ruin your eating schedule for the next few days.