6 ways to spend the night before your first day at work

You’ve enjoyed a wonderful and carefree Easter weekend with your family, but reality is now setting in and you’re 12 hours away from starting the first day at your dream job. Like all normal people, you’re absolutely terrified.

It’s natural to be feeling the nerves at this point, and be wondering what you can do to make that first shift go as smoothly as possible. So we’ve compiled a few tasks to keep you occupied the night before and make sure your mind’s at ease for the big day.

1. Write down a travel plan

Whether to get the early train or chance your luck on thin traffic could play on your mind all night long. Don’t let it – write down the exact times and numbers of any trains and buses you’re looking to take and have them by your side for the morning. If you’re going by car, put the co-ordinates into your SatNav the night before and print off sheets of your route on the RAC route planner as back-ups.

If all else fails, have the numbers of a few local taxi firms saved on your phone; knowing you have this last ditch option to rely on will be a great aid when you’re trying to nod off later.

2. Keep it healthy

Tonight you’re eating for energy and nutrition. As tempting as it is to distract yourself from the nerves in your stomach by filling it with all your guilty pleasures, the last thing you want is to wake up tomorrow feeling bloated and sluggish. Visit an app like Healthy Recipes, a healthy eating website like All Recipes or use your common sense and opt for something safe like a salad, pasta or soup. You’ll thank yourself for it when you’re feeling more lively tomorrow.

3. Know your company

Imagine the look of horror on your manager’s face if she mentions the CEO’s name and you don’t recognise it. You won’t be expected to know everyone’s name in your office straightaway, but a quick trawl through the company’s website to recap the basics could save you a few embarrassing moments the next day.

4. Iron out those creases

It may not impact your ability to do your job, but nothing screams ‘I’m not bothered’ more than unironed, untidy clothes. Others in the office may have been there a while and let their presentation standards slip a bit, but on your first day you have an impression to make. Get those creases flattened and you’ll be walking.


Some things are too important to only be said once – SET YOUR ALARM. Then check it and double-check it. Then, if you have a spare phone or clock, set another one. And check that one too. Twice.

 6.  Chill out with friends

Now that you’re prepared and settled for the morning, go find your friends. You’ll need a calm, empty mind to help you get to sleep tonight, and the best people to help you achieve this are the ones who are best at distracting you. A couple of drinks will also help lower your nerves and get you to sleep sooner – just make sure you stay clear of the vodka.