6 ways to make your co-workers love you

Whether you’re the nervous new employee or feeling a bit left out of the office banter, it does not feel good to be on the outside of the co-worker bubble.

So if your aim is to be your desk neighbour’s BFF or you simply want to get invited to after work drinks on a Friday, listen up.

We’ve rustled up this useful guide to making your co-workers love you forever. Take a peak.

1. Tea time

It’s simple really, if you learn the way your colleagues like their afternoon cuppa, you’re almost certain to be the boss of the company in a week or two.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that effective, but you’d be surprised how thirsty the British worker is for a cup of Tetley literally ALL the time.

2. Use ‘active listening’

That’s right, we’re getting all technical on you. But on a serious note, psychology books refer to this technique as ‘verbal confirmation’.

It basically revolves around repeating sections of what a person is saying to you and using positive body language to make a person feel like they’re are actually being listened to.

It’s great for padding people’s egos a bit, but will also earn you some serious ‘work friends’ points as someone that seems like they actually care.

3. Be the person a critic wants you to be

Handling criticism – which is a necessary part of any job – badly is a surefire way to piss off your co-workers. So if you reckon you fly off the handle all too easily, then there’s your reason you feel like an office outsider.

Learn to react with tact when someone gives you some helpful advice and your colleagues won’t feel the need to walk on eggshells around you so much.

4. Give them a lift

Everyone likes compliments, and that’s a fact, even if they act bashful. So be nice to your fellow office sufferers. Point out their great choice of tie or how impressed you were with Amanda’s pitch last week at conference. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Just be nice!

5. The order of the day

Is not to give orders at all. If you’re a little higher up the food chain and need to give instructions to potential office friends, then ask questions instead of barking declarations of fact at people.

Instead of ‘Martin, file this paperwork in the next hour please,’ it’s better to ask ‘Do you reckon you can get that admin to me in an hour or so?’

There, I’m feeling happier already.

6. Next stop, is NOT cliche town

Saying ‘it’s nice to meet you’ or ‘it was a pleasure doing business with you’ is just plain boringgg, and nobody likes boring people. Just be yourself and your own great personality will shine through, we promise. Your quirky intelligent sensibilities are what got you the job in the first place!

Now what?