6 ways to make an impression on your first day

Starting a new job is scary, everyone knows that but very few people will make an effort to make it any easier. Because, for them, it’s just another day. It sounds callous but that’s the best way to think about your first day of work – it’s just another day.

But that won’t quell your gaseous anxiety, you’re going to need more than a positive mindset if you want to make it through. You need a list based article advising on how to make an impression on your first day at a new job – well good news, friend.

1. Have an elevator pitch at the ready

If this is your first job you’ll quickly realise how speedily your coworkers move around from place to place. If you do manage to corner (not literally) someone worth introducing yourself to, have a 30 second spiel in your pocket (again, not literally) to explain where you came from, what you’re there to do and a little about yourself. It goes without saying to keep it clean.

2. Use the dress-code as camouflage 

If you’ve been into the office already this is a much easier thing to pull off. By dressing suitably you can avoid sticking out as the obvious newbie in the office. A huge part of figuring out the social landscape is vigilance so look like you belong and noone will ask any questions.

3. Don’t turn down lunch and drinks

We know how it feels when you’re new to a workspace. Once you know what you’re doing, that’s all you want to do. But make the effort to go for drinks and lunch with your coworkers, you might never do it again but showing that you care from the beginning will make you worth keeping around.

4. Exude high energy

It will take time for your boss to see and evaluate your abilities and skills but what you can do from day one is exude a good energy. Enthusiasm goes a long way especially from the normally shy fresh meat.

5. Stay off of that high horse

It’s not you to decide from day one who the office ‘Brent’ is, that will become apparent over time. Hold back on those first impression judgements because, especially on your first day, you’re being judged more than anyone and it’s humbling to remember that.

6. Above all, be the best you

It’s cliché as hell but we’re going to say it anyway: be yourself. You don’t want to catch your coworkers talking behind your back about how you’ve changed since day one. Come out of the gates as yourself and you won’t feel the pressure to fit to any moulds later on.

What now?