6 ways to avoid office sharks

Office politics. The term sets fear and dread into us all. Knowing how to behave professionally can sometimes go out of the window when we get settled in a job. 

Here are six things you should avoid doing at ALL costs if you want to keep peace at work and avoid drama. Avoid the attention of office sharks and bitchy comments with our top tips.

1. Personal grooming

Your desk is not the place to be cutting your nails, tidying your brows or any other type of personal grooming. Leave this until you get home PLEASE.

2. Gossiping

Indulging in a little office gossiping is usually harmless but be careful you are not picking on people. Try and gossip discreetly and don’t let people think that you are whispering about them.

3. Over-sharing

Nobody really wants to know all the grizzly details of your one night stand/drunken disaster/holiday from hell. Keep story-sharing to a minimum to avoid annoying people at work.

4. Sucking up

You may think it will get you ahead, but if you constantly suck up to your boss you will annoy your colleagues. By all means stand up for yourself, just don’t over-do it.

5. Bleeping

Keep your gadgets on silent or at a quiet level of noise to avoid irritating colleagues. Bleeping, blaring iPads, phones, smart watches and laptops are super annoying for others to constantly have to hear and put up with.

6. Bragging

You may think that you are always right but keep that to yourself! People get very frustrated when their colleagues constantly let their egos get in the way. So you may have had the most amazing trip to Ibiza ever, or just got the chicest new handbag, but don’t go on about it to them.

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