6 ways to stay calm in the office today

Coffee down blouse, your morning alarm decided to go on holiday and an email to a friend ended up in your boss’s inbox? We’ve all had those super stressful days at work.

Here are six ways to stay calm and avoid an office-based meltdown before home time.

1. Take a moment

You’ll be amazed how more in control you’ll feel if you just slow down for a minute and take stock of everything. Rushing only makes all the little tasks seem that bit scarier, when actually you’re more than up to the job.

>2. Have a laugh

Crack a joke! Some of the most dangerous jobs are held by people who manage their fear through humor. If you take yourself too seriously the tough times will seem that much more stressful. Laughter makes for a much nicer office environment too.

3. Try and stay positive (although, we know, it’s easier said than done!)

That report isn’t only half-way done, it’s half-finished! Putting a positive spin on things is vital to maintaining calm. There’s a reason so many managers are forthright, confident people always giving encouragement.

>4. Ask for help

A workforce only functions well as a team. Why do you think you have colleagues in the first place? It’s not weak to ask for help when you get bogged down, in fact it’s sensible, and you’ll be admired for knowing your limits. Plus, everyone likes to know they could ask for help if they needed it.

5.  Get some sleep 

Making sure you get your 40 winks is a sure fire way to ensure you’re running on all cylinders the next day. It also helps with number two! More sleep means you’ll need less coffee. And a little extra pillow time will have you looking your best too – it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.