6 ways to get a work life balance (even if your job has taken over your life!)

So you’ve just landed your dream job and it’s all work, work, work from here on out. But working crazy long hours can lead to burnout years down the line, and that’s definitely not worth the nice salary. Getting a work life balance is necessary.

However, it is possible to be an ambitious career man or woman ever AND stay fit and healthy. Try our six tips and regain that work life balance.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

1. Home time = You time

For god sake, leave the emails alone when you quit the office. We know you career bods can’t stay away, but seriously, sending six emails to Lucy in HR at half 11 is not going to clinch that career-breaking deal. What you do after clocking off can wait until morning. You’ll be fresh from a relaxing evening, and much more on your game than after a mega stressful day at work.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

2. Be a socialite

You don’t have to be chained to your desk 24/7 you know. Drinks with friends one evening, a romantic date another – life is for living right? Just don’t find yourself face-down in a toilet cubicle at 3am on a Tuesday night. Moderation is key.

3. Find a role model

Seek out someone a little further down the career path you’re on. You don’t have to become them completely, but observing (and even consulting) a success story is a great idea. They’ve almost certainly met (and overcome) the same work problems you face on a daily basis.

4. Say no

As the young ‘un in the office, it’s tempting to play the ‘yes-man’ role and take on far too many commitments. It’ll catch up to you eventually, and you’ll be a writhing ball of red hot anxiety when it does. Not fun for anyone.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

5. Track your glory

Documenting your weekly successes is perfect for showing yourself just what a career queen you’ve become. A bit of reflection will slow you down (you’re wearing yourself out girl) and stop you stressing that you’re a burden on the company. Unless you are, of course… but we’re 110 per cent sure you’re not.

6. Be nice!

Running around the department like a headless chicken is likely to leave you in a pretty bad mood. Snapping at people only makes the stress worse (not a good way to make friends), so put on your happy face and give your neighbour a smile. Just don’t be creepy about it…