6 trainers to walk to work in (and look good)

There are so many reasons why travelling to the office by foot is the best idea. Not only do you burn the calories (making that morning pastry totally OK), but you can also boost your all-day productivity.

Our favourite reason, however, is the opportunity to put on some on-trend kicks. Who needs painful courts when you can look even more stylish in these comfy sneakers?

1. Today, we wear pink

sarah hashcroft

@sarahhashcroft Instagram

Trainers provide the ideal opportunity with which to experiment with colour and design. Go bright with these baby pink Reeboks worn by blogger Sarah Ashcroft.

2. All black everything


@oraclefoxblog Instagram

Ideal for incorporating into your existing workwear, black is the favourite sneaker shade of the fash-pack. Be inspired by blogger Amanda Shadforth to take the sombre plunge.

3. Make a statement

Man repeller

@manrepeller Instagram

Treat your trainers like any other accessory and make them stand out with a low-key ensemble. Blogger Leandra Medine shows off her Nike trainers in the same way as her sunglasses and handbag.

4. All the love for All Star


@rosielondoner Instagram

Don’t be afraid to style your trainers with a smart outfit for a cool smart/ casual contrast – just like blogger Rose Thomas and her low-top All Stars.

5. Pay attention to detail

@hannelim Instagram

@hannelim Instagram

In recent years trainers have got seriously high-tech. These Nike Roche Run trainers belonging to model and blogger Hanneli Mustaparta are ultra-breathable.

6. If in doubt, go classic


@nicolettareggio Instagram

The latest micro-trend in trainer land is the all-white look. Opt adidas Stan Smiths like blogger Nicoletta Reggio for a clean and chic finish.