6 super EASY ways to get yourself up and moving in the morning

Undoubtedly the worst time of day, having to pull yourself up out of bed and get the brain working so you’re not a complete zombie by the time you arrive in the office. No matter how many tips and life-hacks we give, getting up in the morning is always going to be a difficult task but we’re here to make it a bit easier.

Some of these suggestions are minor modifications of your evening and morning routines but can often make the world of difference. Here are six ways to making getting up in the morning less of a waking nightmare.

1. Drink Water

This is just sound advice for all life, we should all drink some water. But by drinking a glass before sleeping, you can be coerced out of bed by the urge to urinate. It’s not the classiest way to greet the day but it sure is effective. Follow this up with another glass of cold water to get the adrenaline pumping and to shift the fatigue that comes with dehydration.

2. Avoid alcohol before bed

It’s super tempting to finish the day off with a night-cap: whether it be an ice-cold beer or a much deserved glass of wine. But these treats come with the risk of a disturbed night’s rest. Although many will attest to the sedative powers of alcohol, your body metabolizing the drink will actually result in fragmented sleep patterns making waking up in the morning a harder job than it ought to be.

3. Build an evening routine

Your body, like your work-life, runs on a tight schedule. It recognises patterns and will almost reward you with appropriate chemical releases that make you feel the right way. In the case of waking up, a concrete routine can make all the difference. For the 90 minutes prior to falling asleep, repeating the same tasks like brushing your teeth and showering will mentally and physically prepare your body for sleep which, in turn, will create a knock-on effect in helping you wake up the next morning.

4. Think of something funny

Laughter is the best medicine, so the expression goes, and if your sickness is fatigue well then the idiom stands true. Try to think of something to tickle your ribs at the first moment of awakening, a belly laugh is great way of shaking yourself awake and will set you up for a great mood for the rest of the day as an added bonus.

5. Exercise or stretch as soon as you wake up

If only to get your heart pumping, exercising as soon as you wake up has massive benefits. When you sleep, your blood tends to collect unevenly around your body so a set of star jumps or set of stretches will do wonders in getting the blood flowing where it needs to be – namely your heart and brain.

6 Draw the curtains as soon as you can

The same reason you’re told to avoid screens before going to bed, you should try and get your curtains open as soon as you wake or at least turn a lamp on. Exposure to light stimulates the development of melatonin, the hormone that’s responsible for controlling the sleep and wake cycles of your body so you’ve got everything to gain by trying to produce as much as you can.

Now what?