6 simple ways to get your week on track

Feeling overwhelmed? We can relate. 

Whether it’s trouble saying no or always forgetting what appointments you’ve got booked, every week brings a whole host of challenges and commitments. Here’s 6 ways to declutter your life and keep your head above water!

1. Prioritise

Spend 10 minutes each evening planning the next day, scheduling your day realistically. You should position your high-energy or more time-consuming tasks early in the day when you are more focused. Top-loading your day so that you have less work in the afternoon means you’ll give the more challenging tasks your full attention, and in the afternoon when you might be less focused, you can handle the lower-energy tasks.

2. Get picky

Don’t over-commit to events. Get selective, whether it’s your work or personal life.

If you do commit to something, make sure that it isn’t always down to you to accommodate the other person or people involved. We’re not saying that you should be inflexible, but keep your own needs in mind. For work, this means arranging meetings at times and locations that work for everyone. In your personal life, this is making sure that you aren’t always the one doing the planning.

3. Learn to say “no”

This goes hand in hand with being picky with your commitments. Don’t always let responsibility for planning events or organising things fall to you; learn to say “no” so that you don’t become overloaded. Consider how much you actually want to do something, and whether you realistically have the time and energy.

4. Switch off

Social media can be a huge source of distraction throughout the day, and we’ve all fallen down a Twitter hole from time to time, and suddenly awoken an hour later to realise we’ve gotten totally sidetracked.

Set yourself designated time during the day when you can check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Keep off the sites during your busiest periods, and limit yourself to the amount of time you spend on social media during your working hours.

5. Set alerts

E-reminders can keep you on track without you having to invest too much time organising them. Simply set things in your calendar whenever you commit, and then you can arrange to be sent an email reminder whenever you want.

This keeps all of those irritating but necessary appointments like the dentist under control, so you never miss a thing.

6. Give yourself a break

Make sure you set aside some ‘you’ time throughout the week, whether it’s an hour every day, or one entire day on the weekend. This will give you time to relax, and you can focus solely on yourself for this designated time, rather than fitting it in during your working hours.

This time can be for anything from a haircut to shopping for make-up, or even just switching off completely at home.

Now what?