6 reasons why you should think about cycling to work

Cycling is the new frontier so get on board with it. Humanity has spent the last century perfecting the automobile and now we’ve realised the error of our ways. Driving a car in the city is a ridiculous prospect anyway. The day of the two-wheeler is now.

There’s a reason all major cities have been allocated specific cycle lanes and any road on a Sunday morning is crammed with spandex-clad men and women pedalling like their lives depend on it. Incorporate the new dawn of bicycles into your work routine and reap the benefits.

1. Cheaper than public transport

The typical rail commuter will spend roughly £2500 a year on train fares alone. Some people are lucky enough to be able to walk or cycle door to door but for those coming into the city for greener pastures, why not cut the tube out of your journey? Invest in a folding bike or make use of the city’s fantastic bike rental service. You can even pay for your bike via monthly instalments with the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme! Stay out of the underground and save yourself a few quid a day.

2. Save the planet

Maybe the most important benefit of using pedal-power to get from point A to point B. By leaving the car in the garage you can do your part in trying to salvage as much of the earth’s environment as we can. In America, for example, some cities will give you money to maintain your cycling and keep you on the roads and out of your cars.

3. Explore the city

Taking the tube is convenient and quick however the huge drawback of being trapped like a sardine underground is that you will never develop a true understanding of your location. Emerging from the underground station is nothing like cycling from one area to another where you get to explore the various routes and trails on your commute. By virtue of staying above-ground, you can save yourself any unnecessary oyster card debits as well as maybe spot a restaurant you might want to swing by on your way home.

4. You’re more likely to get sick on public transport

A study in Denmark found that people who choose to cycle or take the ‘shoelace express’ to work call in sick significantly less than those who travel by bus or train. As well as keeping your immune system intact, your company will benefit for having far more productive and present employees; it’s a win/win for everyone.

5. Active body, active mind

And speaking of productivity, by stretching your body first thing in the morning, you’ll roll up to your desk ready, awake and raring. The increased blood flow and cool morning air will clear the cobwebs from your brain and prepare you both physically and mentally for the day ahead – just pray that your building has employee showers.

6. Economically friendly as well

The environment is the big sell to the masses to try and get their feet on pedals but the benefit of a fully bike-safe city stretch into the economy as well. Copenhagen has become the poster-child for the biking communities and the financial end of management. Bikers reduce costs in transportation, security, tourism, traffic infrastructure and public health via good old fashioned exercise. Bar inventing teleporting, there’s little else biking can’t do to help the commuting rat race.