6 reasons why learning to code could reenergise your career

If you hadn’t noticed, we live in the internet age so understanding the language of code has never been more important. Despite programming code being the basis of most businesses, a surprising amount of people still don’t fully grasp how it works.

And that’s okay, there are specialist jobs for understanding how these things work.  However, you can set yourself apart from the rest by even learning the most basic code. Here are 6 reasons why learning to code will boost your career massively.

1. It’s an amazing brain workout 

Programming a webpage is almost like designing a mini-universe. Everything is connected in some way or another so you have to be aware of how your actions are going to affect the rest of your code in the long-run. Even if your role at work doesn’t have anything to do with code, the cognitive development you’ll achieve from learning to programme will benefit you enormously.

2. There’s no limit to how good you can get at it

Since technology is constantly developing and getting more complex, there is no end to how good at coding. There are a multitude of different languages to learn about and an unlimited amount of contexts to put your programming hand to. Not only will you be able to apply your new skills to your job but you’ll have the versatility to help others.

3. Avoid being outmoded

There are even apps for kids to learn to code, like Scratch, for example. In a number of years, there will be a huge influx of entry level workers who are more than capable coders. Not that it would happen, but you can avoid being outmoded by employees half your age but getting to grips with programming now.

4. Expand your own personal blogs

With a basic understanding of HTML and Java, you can turn your basic blog or portfolio into a professional and swanky looking platform for showcasing your work. Save yourself a pretty penny with subscription service like SquareSpace or WordPress by learning to develop a website yourself.

5. Fix your own tech issues

The only thing more frustrating than not being able to figure out what’s wrong with your work computer is waiting for someone from the tech department to show up and fix it. With your newly developed programming superpowers, you should be able to fix these issues yourself and crack on like the irreplaceable, efficient employee you are.

6. Lead you onto a new career path

This one might be obvious but is by far the most significant reason to learn to code. Primping your CV up with a handful of acronyms and some programming lingo will make you far more employable in any industry. You might find out that your dream job was hiding from you behind a wall of numbers and formulas.

Now what?