6 reasons why having a part-time job makes uni better

Your time at university will be or were the best few years of you life, so they say. You have more time on your hands then you’ll ever need and more friends than you can reasonably spend time with.

The only thing you won’t have (apart from heating, a good diet and self-respect) is money. Here are six reasons why having a part-time job at university will make the whole experience so much better, according to The Tab.

1. Empty pocket week

When the last few weeks of the term roll around, the student population experience something called “empty pocket week”. With a month of boredom around the corner, you make the most of your desolate bank account and try not to run over your overdraft limit again. With employment, this week will become a figment of a darker past.

2. Organisation is the key to getting less done

Because you actually have to prepare your schedule with a part-time job, your organisational tekkers will be on point come graduation. As an added bonus, during university, you can use your new-found preparation powers to squeeze as much Netflix out of the day as you can.

3. Establish yourself as a BNOC (Big Name On Campus)

If you work at the local Tesco or on-campus cafe, you’ll start to recognise faces and find yourself being recognised. It feels good to be renowned, even if it is just for doing out egg and cress sandwiches twice a week.

4. Payday

For most, payday comes three times a year at the top of every term. But you’re playing university by your own rules. A monthly deposit into the Wetherspoons credit account goes a long way in the cold winters.

5. Sleeping like a baby log

If you work a bar or evening shifts, you’ll overcome the natural insomnia that university provides. A solid routine will send you to slumberland without any trouble – even if youre housemates decide to stay up until an ungodly how trying watch every Lord of The Rings back-to-back.

6. Get accustomed to people from the outside world

University is an essential incubator between adolescence and adulthood. If you work off-campus, you’ll become far more adjusted to the people and atmosphere of the post-uni world. We’re not saying it’s better – just different and necessary.

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