6 reasons to stick with a job that you hate

We’ve all had a job where it feels like the worst thing in the world and you’re just counting down the hours until you can be released from your prison sentence.

But no matter how much you dislike your job or you think it’s not right for you, you might want to put the dream of handing in your notice in the heat of the moment on hold, for now at least.

1. Challenges can be great learning opportunities

It may feel like certain tasks in your role are too hard or difficult, but more often than not, when we’re out of our comfort zone, it’s because we’re being challenged. But you could gain and learn valuable skills from that, so just because something isn’t what you’re used to, don’t quit on it as you could benefit from pushing yourself.

2. Can you still support yourself?

One of the more practical reasons you need to consider before leaving your job is whether you have the means to support you and your lifestyle if you did so. Have you got savings or family members who can help you out while you find your feet?

3. It could be a stepping stone to something bigger

Not every job will be your dream job, but that doesn’t mean the ones before it aren’t important. Whether it’s contacts or skills that you make during that time, they could all be fundamental to your next move in the right direction for your career.

4. Do you have another job planned?

It may look suspicious if you have a gap in your CV when you go to a job interview, so unless you have another job lined up, it may not be the smartest move to quit your job to enter into your new role of unemployment.

5. It could put a dent in your professional reputation

With social media now, it’s easy for a future employer to find and contact previous people and companies that you’ve worked with, so you don’t want to leave on bad terms. They could be essential as a reference to the future of your career, so it’s important to not have any bad blood with past colleagues.

6. Can anything be changed?

Hone in on what it is that is making you miserable – Your colleagues? Your role? Your responsibilities? If it’s something that can be changed, discuss it with your boss or employers and whether anything can be done about it, which could improve your happiness, work life and productivity.

Now what?