6 quick and easy tricks to make your home Instagram-ready

We’ve all done it. Lusted over the perfect chic apartments their owners have proudly plastered across Instagram and Pinterest. Jealousy doesn’t even cover it. But how do you actually make your own home look like it’s been designed by Kelly Hoppen?

Well, check out our six quick and easy home-making tips and tricks, and you’ll be spamming your friends on Instagram in no time.

1. Whitewash your walls

All the most stylish examples of bedroom decor have one thing in common. They’re painted white.

Blank walls give the illusion of extra space on top of making your living space instantly cleaner and lighter. So grab a pot and get painting.

2. Bathroom bonuses

Sure, expensive bathroom gifts look fancy and definitely one-up your shower look, but once the bottle runs out it’s back to Sainsburys Basics, right?

Wrong, a sneaky tip is to just refill that posh shampoo tub with the cheaper version. No one will know, and Instagram awaits…

Alternatively you could do what my Mum does and remove the labels to leave just a plain coloured bottle. Just don’t forget which is shampoo and which is conditioner!

3. Pot that plant

Every house needs a pointless cactus or a dainty bonsai, that’s a fact. So if you’re lacking some serious foliage in your kitchen or living room, then head to Homebase.

4. It’s poster-time

No, it’s not time to rush over to a hastily erected marquee and buy four Jimi Hendrix pop-art posters or ‘Keep Calm and Drink Jagermeister’ style motivational quotes.

Instead, why not pick up a stylish set of gallery postcards, or sling up a blown up photo. Don’t use bluetac though, unless you’ve long kissed your deposit goodbye…

5. Snug as a bug on a rug

Fluffy shagpiles, open-weave rugs, whatever, just get one. Or even get two. Rugs instantly make a space feel homely, and no Pinterest post is complete without a few dotted around the room. They don’t have to be pricey either, Ikea do great deals, and your local Wilko is bound to have some bargain items left over from the mad student move-in rush. No excuses.

6. Throw some (shelf) shapes

It is essential, I repeat, essential, to throw together an effortlessly curated shelf for your house profile. We know you did put effort into it, but your followers don’t! These can include records (if you collect), some interesting looking books, chic-looking candles, a room diffuser, some decorative ornaments – whatever you fancy. Creating a little cubbyhole where you can escape to and indulge your creative side is a great way to make a house a home. And let everyone else know about it…