6 phrases to slip into your job interview (don’t do what she’s doing)

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Let’s be honest, finding a job is really tough. Competition is fierce, employers are becoming more ruthless in their searches and the whole process can be totally overwhelming. To get one step ahead you need to perfect that interview. 

Here are six useful phrases you should slip into your all-important slot. You’ll soon be on the right track to making an amazing first impression.

1. “I can be flexible”

According to career coach Andrea Ballard the workplace has become a rapidly changing and evolving place. Employers are looking for versatile people who are mouldable. By saying that you are flexible it shows that you are willing to learn and develop new skills if your job description changes.

2. “I deliver results”

Take note of what career coach Ronald Kaufman says – job candidates who say the word ‘results’ in their interview have more chance of getting the job.

3. “I am excited”

Showing enthusiasm is vital in a job interview. The person interviewing you wants to know that you really want the position. Saying that a part of the role is exciting, or that you are excited at the thought of being offered it, is a really good way to get your passion across.

4. “I am loyal”

Loyalty is something that all employers are looking for. They don’t want to hire someone who will leave soon afterwards. They want someone who will be focussed on the job and keen to do the best for the company. Show that you are dependable and trustworthy in your interview.

5. “I will complete tasks with excellence”

Employers dread the thought of hiring someone who will do a half-hearted job. Get across that you are a hard-worker who doesn’t rush through things.

6. “I’m a good team player”

This may sound cheesy but it’s important that if you got the job that you would fit in with the rest of the team. Show you’re good at getting on with people and that if group projects come up, which they are likely to, that you will cope well working with others.