6 Personal Touches To Liven Up Your Home Desk (And Prevent Cabin Fever)

If you work at home for the majority of the week it’s easy to take the advantages for granted. Waking up later than everyone else, having access to food mere steps away and ending the work day on your time are all what makes working from home so appealing.

However, there is a dark side. If your housemates have jobs, you’ll have to get used to the sight of your home desk – it’ll become the greatest company you’ll have during the daylight hours.

Here are six ways to spruce up your home desk to prevent cabin fever!

1. Flowers

As well as outputting the number one resource for being able to work from home, (not peanut butter, oxygen) flowers are an aesthetic motivator – especially if you change what plants you keep on your desk every few weeks. Watering and caring for them will serve as another part of your routine to keep your day close to schedule.

2. Whiteboard (or Chalkboard)

If you’re feeling retro and don’t care about the mess, why not invest in a chalkboard? If not, a whiteboard is a fantastic way to pen down any ideas you have or draft your to-do list. The tactility and accessibility of having your daily tasks spread out in front of you will boost your productivity.

3. Raise that monitor

Ergonomically speaking, having your laptop screen or monitor below eye-level is going to do your back and posture no favours – which is rich coming from me seeing as I’m currently hunched over my keyboard like Quasimodo with scoliosis.

4. Splash some colour

Similar to the benefits of flowers, bathing your desk in a multitude of colours will break the monotony of working from home. Using bright lights and high contrasted decorations will give your melatonin a kickstart and keep the 3 o’clock sleepies at bay.

5. Smart desk toys

Littering your desk in 100 holiday photos might be what your mind is telling you do but probably won’t make you more efficient at working. I use a few magnetic sculpture toys on my desk when I’m struggling to think of words to write. The process of engaging a different part of my brain always gets the creative juices flowing.

6. Turn your desk into the ‘control centre’

The easiest temptation from working from home is the ability to just stand up and walk around. Keep yourself sat down and turn your desk into the control centre of your amenities. Get yourself a mini-fridge, connect your speakers via bluetooth and even install plug ports into your desk. You should have regular breaks, but getting through 30 minutes of work with a wander-about every five is just ridiculous.