6 of the youngest CEOs ever

There’s no need to wait until you grow up to conquer the business world – in this day and age, the bosses are getting younger and younger.

Kids like Mikaila Ulmer are showing the world that you don’t necessarily need years of experience to have a great business idea.

The 10-year-old Texan is the brains behind the environmentally-conscious beverage company, BeeSweet Lemonade, now flying off the shelves in Whole Foods stores in the United States.

She told CBS that the idea for her company came to her when she was just four years old! After being stung by bees twice in one week, her parents encouraged her to learn more about bees to get over her fear. Once she realised how important and endangered they were, she decided to develop a product to help them.

But Mikaila’s in good company when it comes to super-young entrepreneurs.

Here are six of the youngest CEOs ever.

1. Ally Mollo, G.A.R.D.

Now 14, Ally started building her doll empire when she was just eight years old. She liked the idea of guardian angels, and used to draw them often. Ally and her mom decided to turn the drawings into dolls with different ethnic backgrounds and inspiring qualities, and the Guardian Angel Rainbow Division was born.

Her dolls are currently sold in 20 different retailers across America and she’s started working on an animated show based on the dolls.

2. Cory Nieves, Mr Cory’s Cookies

This enterprising young man started his baked goods business at the age of five to help buy his mum a new car. Mr Cory’s Cookies really took off when he developed an all-natural chocolate chip cookie. While he currently has nine different types of cookies, Cory’s looking to break into the kosher and nut-free market in the near future.

3. Harli Jordean, The Marble King

At the age of eight, this London-based internet entrepreneur started an online business selling marbles – with some items going for £500 a pop. MarbleKing.co.uk brings in thousands of pounds a year, and receives orders from as far away as the United States.

4. Sindhuja Rajaraman, Seppan Entertainment

After learning computer animation from her father, this young CEO created animation company Seppan Entertainment at the age of 14. Part of her goal was to create more jobs for Indian animators, many of whom were moving abroad for work.

5. Tyyan Williams, Pinky Sez

This 14 year old started her fashion line, Pinky Sez, at the age of 9. She designs colourful clothing for young girls and teens, hoping to spread positivity among young women. Her work has already been seen on dozens of catwalks.

6. Jessica Mah, Indinero

Jessica started her first business at the age of 11. After learning to code, she began building websites for people and was earning thousands of dollars a month running a hosting service for small businesses. While at uni, she developed accounting software Indinero, used by hundreds of businesses. Now at the age of 24, Mah is a millionaire.

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 By Reenat Sinay