6 great time-managing apps for easily distracted freelancers

Freelancing is all about balance whether it’s time, money or your social life. There are huge benefits to not being tied to one company and also begin able to work from home but there’s an inherent danger of letting time slip away from you.

With these six apps you’ll be able to better make use of your time whether you’re at home, in a cafe or rented desk space – there’s an app for every freelance at every price range courtesy of Entrepreneur.

1. TopTracker

Built with freelancers in mind, TopTracker understands the plight of the consultant and rewards the extra effort with a free app. The app utilises all the standard tools like timers, webcam shots and project managers – it’s a one-stop shop for all your organisational needs.

2. Harvest

With subscriptions ranging from around £10 to £75, the different level of Harvest allows for more project management on your own or across a whole team. It’s simple to integrate into other applications but doesn’t include any desktop monitoring features.

3. Due Time Tracking

If you’re picky and want to make sure your client is aware of your ongoings invoices, Due Time Tracking is the way to go. With subtle time tracking features, this app can generate hourly invoices based on your clients and how much you’re spending working on projects.

4. Tick

If you’ve been freelancing for a few years and racked up a considerable contact book, Tick is one of the apps that might cost you a pretty penny. It charges depending on how many projects you have going at the same time but is intuitive and can be used across of all of your devices.

5. RescueTime

Flying solo? RescueTime is a great background app to produce reports of your daily productivity. It’s more useful for the self-governing workers who don’t necessarily need keeping on track but want to examine how they could improve without reporting to any managers.

6. Toggl

Toggl is an easy to use as it is to say, just switch it on at the beginning of your working day and it will produce real time and easy to process reports. Toggl also allows you to log work hours if you do forget to switch it on – it’s the vigilant friend you’ve always wanted in apps.

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