6 great podcasts to listen to during your commute

If the morning commute is getting you down and you need to escape, don’t turn to Adele’s 25 for solace (sobbing on the Central Line is not a good look). Instead, escape into a gripping podcast. 

We’ve got 6 of our current favourites that will have you hooked and wishing that your commute would never end. Well, nearly.

1. Limetown

A fictional serialised podcast that bases itself in a small town in Tennessee, Limetown explores a case where a decade ago 300 of the town’s inhabitants have disappeared. A reporter is trying to find out exactly what has happened. Slightly creepy, this will have you gripped and a little spooked.

2. Man Repeller

The hilarious women behind the fashion super-blog Man Repeller have launched their own podcasts this year. Each week Leandra Medine and Amelia Diamond will bring you a new podcast discussing issues of the week, complete with special guests. Check it out for discussions ranging from current affairs to feminist conversations to simply hilarious observations.

3. The Dead Author’s Podcast

Slightly silly but very funny, this podcast features imagined interviews with dead authors, hosted by H.G. Wells. The podcasts are recorded live in a theatre in LA, and force listeners to suspend their disbelief as they witness Wells transporting himself in a time machine to meet other famous dead writers through the ages.

4. Reply All

One for anyone feeling the strain of today’s Internet culture and a life lived entirely online. Reply All explores different aspects of digital life, whether it’s Instagram, Craigslist controversies or the memes dominating our Facebook pages.

5. The Heart 

Potentially pretty heavy for an early morning commute, but will definitely get you thinking, The Heart discusses human experiences involving love, sex, desire, gender identity and so on. Conversations will make you blush and get you contemplating all of your deeply-rooted thoughts and feelings about intimacy and humanity.

6. Sword and Scale

If you’re feeling withdrawal in the wake of Serial and can’t wait for the second series, fill the void with Sword and Scale. Another crime podcast, Sword and Scale explore real-life cases in deeply gory detail. If you love a mystery case, as well as hearing about extreme criminal activity, then this is one for you.

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