6 everyday ways to train your brain for work

With work occupying our minds (and bodies) almost every hour of the day, it can seem like stress is turning your brain to mush. No learning leads to stagnation right?

Well, there are ways to keep your head in tip top shape without heading back to uni for another degree.

We’ve put together a list of six everyday (and no-effort) ways to train your brain, and maybe, just maybe, get yourself in position for a tasty promotion (and pay rise, of course).

1. Make your memory move

Giving your memory a frequent workout is vital to keeping on your game. Otherwise all the events, jobs and constant rigmarole of life can become overbearing.

Why not try a morning brain workout on the bus or train to work? You spend most of the time staring out the window, so maybe try and memorise the brands on each ad board and what order they go in. It might seem silly at first, but it’s therapeutic qualities will soon be made apparent!

2. Chocolate factory

This is our favourite (obviously) but dark chocolate is known for its brain-aiding qualities, so make sure you add that in your diet pronto. Of course, it’s still necessary to eat healthily, but hey, any excuse…

3. Cross off the crosswords

If you think of brain-training puzzles and games, many of us instantly snap to a crossword. Sure they can be fun, but they don’t really aid your thought process in any way. So maybe rethink that decision.

4. Pool your resources

Nope, not with friends, we mean literally play pool.

Billiard games require you to think out angles and complex decision processes for moves further down the line. This helps you to block out worries and other things going on in the moment. A useful skill for when you’re under pressure at work.

5. Burn some pages

Becoming an extensive reader is the most obvious way to give your brain a jump start. You’ll glean huge amounts of knowledge, improve your general literacy skills and maybe even enjoy yourself! So pick up a book pronto.

6. Down for a debate

Getting caught up in a tense argument is not something you’d usually want to do. But having a friendly discussion with a colleague, say on the way to work in the morning, is the perfect way to get your mind going before reaching the office. You don’t want to become ‘that guy’ though so make sure you’re not too full on all the time.

Now what?