6 easy ways to instantly improve your mood at work

When it’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon and the weekend never felt so far away it can be difficult to appear all sunshine and rainbows about everything.

In fact, you’re probably one ‘excuse me, but…’ from murdering Sally from HR and two dry celery sticks from throwing your lunch in the air and storming straight out the door.

But take a few minutes time out and read our six easy ways to instantly improve your mood. We promise you’ll be skipping down the stairs come home time.

1. Every breath you take

We’re not one for all this ‘put on your happy face’ trash, what you really need is some oxygen girl.

Conscious breathing is a super-quick way to get out of your head and into the present.

So try focusing on taking long, deep breaths (five seconds in and out again) for a period of about two minutes, or until you feel less like a fire-breathing dragon.

2. Whistle while you work

Actually don’t, someone will slap you round the back of the head. But what you can do is have a little hum to yourself while you wander off to the photocopier, or maybe even while making a cuppa.

Song instantly cheers people up (unless it’s Celine Dion or something equally blood curdling) so go on, give us a tune!

3. Praise be to you

Doing a good deed doesn’t seem like it’d be top of your list when you’re chewing on your mouse pad to stop yourself screaming, but force yourself, we mean it.

Feeling good about yourself for being a brilliant human is the perfect way to raise your spirits, so offer to do a coffee round. Hey, if gratitude isn’t forthcoming you can always spit in the mug. Joking…

4. Jot it down

Got a free five minutes? No? Well you do now.

Quickly writing down the things that you’re annoyed about at work will help you to compartmentalise your worries. Plus, when they’re in bullet form they seem easier to tackle and you can come up with solutions in a more ordered fashion, rather than just letting them spin around your head in a whirlwind of missed appointments and late deadlines.

5. Picture it

Having a quick flip through some old pictures on Facebook can be a great way to get you feeling happy again. Old holidays on the beach with friends, fabulous birthday parties, it’s all on there.

Once you’ve done that, maybe it’d be a good idea to check what upcoming events you’ve got with those same delightful people. Having something to look forward to is vital to not getting bogged down with life. And if there’s nothing upcoming, create your own event!

6. Reconnect

Sending out an email or a text to a friend you haven’t seen in a while could really give you a lift.

Reconnecting with friends we thought we’d lost always gives a sense of improving your life. So give Hannah a quick Facebook message asking to go for a drink. You never know, she might be reading this article too!

Now what?