6 creative ways to make your CV stand out

So we’ve told you how to ace an interview and impress your boss, but how do you get onto the shortlist in the first place? First things first, your CV has to sparkle in order to wow a prospective employer, and there are definitely things to do and others to avoid like the plague.

Unsure which is which? Well, lucky we’ve done all the work for you then isn’t it?

Check out our list of six creative ways to make your CV stand out and get to work. You don’t want to be left behind by the competition do you?

CV1. Video application

In 2016 it takes a lot to make yourself stand out from the crowd. But thinking outside the box is still vitally important. So why not send in a video application as your main portfolio or as an extra section in support of your CV?

It’ll show you’re committed and enthusastic about the job, as well as tech savvy. It’s a no-lose situation!

2. Social relevancy

If you’ve managed to curate an impressive social following then show it! The ability to speak successfully to a mass online audience has never been valued more by companies.

So if you tweet effectively and frequently in an engaging manner to a wide follower base, then slap it on your CV. If your Facebook feed consists of boozy snaps from repeated Saturday nights, then perhaps you should chill on the social front for a bit…

3. Those of many tongues

Fluency in foreign languages is another much sought after skill in the modern age. French, Spanish, Chinese, you name it there’s a market for it. Especially as the world’s emerging markets are more often than not in non-English speaking countries these days. So emphasise your language skills on your CV pronto.

CV4. Life learning

Education doesn’t stop after you leave school or graduate you know, and your boss doesn’t expect you to either.

So make sure you’ve got some evidence of continued learning in your portfolio. This can be a series of lectures you’ve attended or an evening class you’re signed up to. Anything to show you’re not a one-trick pony.

5. Blog it

If you write an online blog (and if you don’t, start one because *hello Zoella’s salary*) whack a link to it in your CV bio. Make sure it’s regularly updated though with interesting, thought provoking content (and not just cat GIFs – no matter how great they are).

Even better if it’s strongly related to the industry you’re trying to build a career in.

CV6. Experience is the key

While a mindless, career drone┬ácan get the job done, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who will make the office a nice place to work in. And that’s what needs to shine through in your CV.

Talk about your gap year working with impoverished children in South America, or your summer spent at Camp America while a student. Anything that’ll show you haven’t just been a drunk student for three years.