6 Chrome extensions you NEED for the job hunt

When the job hunt is on, any advantage you can get over your fellow/enemy job seeker is worth taking. We’re not talking about the best way to slash tyres or siphon petrol without leaving a trace (though we will if you want) but rather how to use your internet browser extensions to get the best jobs the quickest.

For this particular article you will need Google Chrome since it’s the only browser compatible with these extensions (it’s also the only browser worth using). So get that Internet Explorer and Safari filth out of here and check out these 6 awesome Chrome extensions for the job hunt thanks to MakeUseOf.

1. Rapportive

If you’re applying to jobs mainly through your Gmail rather than online applications (which you should because online applications are terrible), Rapportive cuts down stalking-time. Through your employer’s Gmail, Rapportive shows their social media profiles, work position according to LinkedIn and Tweets. You can also add personal notes to remind yourself things about them e.g. ‘Nut Allergy’ or ‘doesn’t appreciate kisses at end of emails’.

2. Gorgias

Gorgias is an amazing auto-expanding text tool for email and LinkedIn applications. It allows you to create application templates using keyword shortcuts. If you want to send multiple emails but don’t want it to look copy and pasted, Gorgias has random viable features to make sure you don’t use the same names twice and mix up your adjectives.

3. Form Hero

Chrome auto-fill has been around for eons now but Form Hero has stepped the laziness game up. With Form Hero you can design and curate a myriad of different responses for each blank response area you’ll never have to type again!

4. Best Online Jobs Search Engine

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin. As an extension, it links to a site that collates the best of the internet’s job search databases into a one-stop-shop. It’s not so much an extension as it is a constant reminder to keep the hunt alive.

5. JobHero Sidekick

If you’re searching for jobs across multiple sites you need a way to save the important details from each description, otherwise you might never find it again. JobHero Sidekick is a dashboard that allows you to save all the useful information like job dates, descriptions and email addresses in one handy place.

6. Prospect Hive

This extension works as a hit-list of sorts for LinkedIn. You create a ‘prospect list’ and add people whom you might be interested working with or for. These kind of extensions are mainly used by recruiters but there’s no reason why you can’t flip it for your needs.