6 career paths for the budding musician

It’s hard to make it in the music industry, regardless of what path you go down. Whether you’re in PR, event management, journalism or a musician yourself, it’s a fiercely competitive industry if you don’t have prodigy levels of talent.

For the musicians out there, trying to make it with your band is not unreasonable but it’s worth noting that every massive band in the world never learnt to play for the reasons of success – it just kind of happened.

So what’s left? Life Hacker have compiled a great list of six career paths every budding musician can follow to contribute to the industry and art-form they love so dearly.

1. The airwaves

If you want to be as close to the music you love without actually making it, getting into radio is your best bet. Whether you’re a DJ or producer, it doesn’t mean you still can’t make music on the sidelines. Lauren Lavern, Guy Garvey and Huey Morgan are all successful musicians as well as the nation’s favourite hosts.

2. Those who can’t do, teach

Despite the cruel sub-header, this option is maybe the comfiest of all. You get perks of teaching like a great pension and job security as well as instilling your passion for music on this country’s future. You will need a music degree to get qualified, however.

3. Record stores

In the case that you have zero qualifications but an untested passion for music, use your wide knowledge to score yourself a job at your local record store. The money won’t be great but you’ll surrounded by people who love the same sounds and minutiae as you do.

4. Songwriter

Your band not making it is no reflection on the quality of the songwriting. The market decides what music people listen to. Turn your knack for melody to freelance songwriting – you can make a silly amount of money for just doing what comes naturally to you.

5. Journalism

The easiest way to get into the industry is through writing. Develop a voice and try and write for as many blogs as you can. You’ll start making money through freelance work but with enough determination, you could be the next editor of NME.

6. Music therapist

A strange one but not to be dismissed. You can use your musical abilities to help people physically rather than emotionally. Bear in mind some knowledge or training in the medical field will be required but it’s the best way to share your musical abilities with people who really need them.

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